Shiny Object Syndrome

I do not have “shiny object syndrome.” Nor do I have a fear of commitment. Or ADHD. Nor am I on the newly popular and trendy “aspey” spectrum. Yes, I dig deep into a topic or experience and then, sometimes overnight, am bored and ready to move on. And yes, I have walked away from careers without a backward glance, moved just for the fun of it, and grown tired of topics and activities that I once loved. But this is not an illness to diagnose or wound to heal. It is the universe whispering that it is time to move into the unknown.

And I know when I hear that still small voice that a secret doorway is opening, taking me on a courageous journey of spiritual completion. It is frightening to set sail from an old comfortable port and to venture into open waters without navigational gear. But souls, like ships, are built to be sailed into deep waters and explore the unknown.

 Synchronicity and serendipity are guides from the divine pushing me along. I am attracted to clothes I never would have worn, topics I know nothing about, books that have odd titles, and the Milky Way. I see kettles of buzzards rising above me and wild stones and shells at my feet. And when I stand quietly, kindness surrounds me.

I know that life’s tides will still overwhelm me at times, pulling me down and challenging me to breathe. That sorrow and joy will hold hands and dance in my heart, and a dark misty fear will still visit my soul. And I will listen to the voice telling me I am spiritually ready to move on, to embrace a new reality. And, slowly with trepidation and apprehension, I will follow that call, becoming a psalm to the universe.

2 thoughts on “Shiny Object Syndrome

  1. yes… YES! I share in the focus you speak of, seemingly missing in many lives in today’s urban -based world…of taking the time and responsiveness to look UP at the Milky Way. This needed time and being, in a place of thoughtfulness to what is incredibly so humbling and powerful is an oft sought experience I put myself back into in my life. It is deeper than a romantic love of nature, becoming a compelling awareness of much much more “out there”. Your speaking to it in this most recent writing creates a sense of reminding all of us that more than just the daily rhythm of life needs more contemplation and responsive experience. I embrace standing in reflective solitude, separate from technological images on a screen, instead being a visceral part of this world that you speak of.

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