The Legend and the Wine Glass

There is a legend that on the full moon the seven prophetesses Sarah, Miriam, Deborah, Hannah, Huldah, Abigail, and Esther, each in their time, poured red wine into a flat bowl and gazed at the reflection of the moon in the reflective surface for divine inspiration. At the dark of the moon, it is said that Sarah would use the reflection of candles around the bowl, but women since the time of Miriam have poured red wine into a glass wine goblet through which they would gaze at the flame of a candle. As time passed this practice became a Shabbat tradition handed down through the women of each family. This is where I learned to scry using a wine glass, red wine, and a candle.

Crystal balls made of leaded glass, obsidian, and minerals emerged in the first century, and many supposed seers, not understanding how or why the glass and candle were used, applied similar techniques, calling themselves fortune-tellers. But the women of the tribes of the prophetesses have kept the tradition of the wine glass alive.

This is why each Shabbat, and whenever I need guidance, I gaze through the red wine in a glass goblet at the dark core of the fire and listen with my soul. At times I see a dreamlike vision, but more often I hear a still small voice whispering to my heart soft wisps of insight that guide me.

From these messages, I created an oracle deck you can access here.

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