Have you ever asked WHY ME?

How did I transform from being chosen last for all team sports to being chosen first for leadership positions? What happened that changed me from a sickly child to someone who has almost died more than once and is now healthy and strong? What enabled me to work my way from financial destitution to financial security when so many others are still trapped? More than once, many more, I have asked myself a different version of “why me.” I have been asking “why am I so blessed”?

While I do wonder how some of us survive and thrive, I am more interested in why we are given the gifts of strength, resources, and time as well as the opportunity to use them. Is it possible that we have a divine role to play, a narrative to enact that will shift someone’s life? If we still have our voice after others have worked intensely to silence and discredit us, do we have a sacred obligation to use it?

Perhaps the journey through the gauntlet of flames and challenges and unbelievable reinvention is a unique landscape that must be traversed if we are to live purposely and without fear. Perhaps we are meant to crawl through dark tunnels on our way to our inner light. To cross rickety narrow bridges over raging rivers to discover our personal version of courage. And then to realize that our soul craves this vital life experience. We are not here to tell stories, but to live one, our own singular and irreplaceable tale.

And then as we dive deeper, we discover the mythological and spiritual meaning of our life and the message we can share. Because we are not here to teach our story, but to inspire others to live their own. The astonishing and spiritual gift we have to give, is not a map to our path, but  compass so others can discover and explore their own.

Let me know your thoughts!

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