Together we Hold the Secret

Deeply and slowly read any sacred story and you will realize that the men who wrote them heard the words, but struggled to share the deeper meaning of the message. Women, however, felt the spiritual messages in their bones and inhaled the secrets into their hearts without words.

Words have angles and edges and boundaries and limits, but also inspire us. Messages in our bones move us to dance with the rhythm of the universe but are difficult to share. Women know the circuitous pathways, hidden doors, staircases, and tunnels that lead to magical gardens and unknown worlds, living with the surreptitious wisdom breathing in their souls, journeying through life with serendipity and synchronicity. And yet, these journeys need words. Perhaps it is the dance of magic and knowledge, the intermingling of the mystery with the stories, the dance with the words that reveal the gifts in these books that we easily miss.

True transformation comes from joining with that mysterious, just out of reach tantalizing life force that surrounds us, which is why so many authors have searched for the codes hidden in these sacred books and write treatises on the way the words might twist and turn and jumble and reveal deep secrets. Women tell stories by candlelight, searching for ways to express their inner transformation.

And maybe this is the message we were supposed to discover, that when men and women are harmonically sharing and breathing the words and energy these stories will open gateways into the world we crave. That life truly is a swirling, twirling dance of masculine and feminine, of science and spirituality, of knowledge and wisdom, that opens both our minds and our hearts.

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