Interpret your own Dreams

You know those Technicolor dreams you have that you remember all day, the ones that drive you to surreptitiously, or relentlessly search the internet for interpretation? The ones you might even remember today, even though you dreamed it months or years ago? The one you still worry might be predicting your future? Yes, that dream.

Stop searching and start interpreting your own dreams.

Imagine that your best friend is trying to tell you something very important from across the country and the internet connection is cutting out and the message is garbled and confusing but you know it is vital that you understand it. You are not sure what you heard, but you have a series of images in your mind and know they hold the key to deciphering the meaning. But the images are more like metaphors, representations of what your friend was trying to convey.

So start there. This dream is a movie made just for you, speaking a secret language. How do the characters, objects, creatures, colors, location and events make you feel? What real life current situation do they represent? How do they respond to a decision you have to make or a struggle you are having? Do not worry about what the books or experts say, they do not know you or your friend.

Take the elements apart slowly and turn them, transforming each into a meaningful element of your personal story, first subtracting anything that reflects the show you watched before bed (watching TV affects our dreams).  Perhaps your old lover actually represents how you love yourself. Maybe the scary house you are walking through is reminding you how brave you really are. Perhaps that image of a horrible ending is the tale of a beginning if you are brave enough to let go of the present And yes, some of us have prophetic dreams, but not every night. We might have reoccurring dreams that take place in the same place or have the same theme. And yes these are important, but it is up to us to interpret them.

Now weave that story together for yourself and let the message set in your heart, not your head. Does it resonate? Does it sing to you? If not, run it by your best friend, you now, the one who sent you the original message for a deeper point of view. Or write it in a dream journal and let it drift in your subconscious until something surfaces that does resonate. Or, let it go and move on to your next dream.

1 thought on “Interpret your own Dreams

  1. Marilyn Saltzman August 31, 2022 — 9:39 pm

    This is wonderful. I think dreams bring important messages and it’s wise to pay attention!

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