When Venus Goes Rogue

What happens when Venus, or any planet, goes rogue in your chart? If the goal is to integrate all these great teachers and guides into our lives, how do we handle a planet that has no relationship with any of the other voices in our chart? Any planet that has no aspects with any other planet in our chart presents this problem. In my chart, it is Venus, the goddess of love, relationships, military and sexual success, good fortune, and prosperity who is unpredictable and rebellious, in the freedom-seeking sign of Sagittarius. This feels like a setup.

Venus rules sexual virtue and vice, lovers and prostitutes, love and war, the balance of masculine and feminine, as well as the sacred feminine. Unaspected planets go into hiding when they are most needed, and show up in full force when they need to be subtle. So the planet ruling how I love, and perhaps who I love, plays hide and seek in my life, creating an inner state of bewilderment and mystification in my relationships and my vision of prosperity.

One way I have learned astrology is by taking deep dives into my own chart, but, unsurprisingly, I kept overlooking Venus. I guess this was a dance of feeling unloved and not noticing the planet of love, of always being ready to be rejected while rejecting the planet that could teach me how to love from the safety of a relationship I can trust.

I wonder if embracing unaspected planets is an act of courage. I have no desire to tame Venus or to be tamed by her, but there must be a way that we can become a power couple, using this unorthodox partnership as a secret super-heroine relationship. Perhaps together we reinvent the notion of success into something that emerges from a joyfully rebellious love affair.

Let me know your thoughts!

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