Join me and go Rogue

Yes, I am going, Rogue, which should not surprise any of you. After all, pirates set the bar for going rogue, sailing into uncharted waters, and for building unique sailing communities. And of course, my life choices have led me on a wild ride from geologist to psychologist to academic dean, with side gigs as an artist, author, speaker, radio host, and astrologer.

Through it all, I have discovered that the rules, directions, and instructions that work for most people rarely, if ever, work for me. All my life successes have come by sailing close to the wind, away from the safety of the armada. In fact, while I work on creating safety in my life, I only seem able to do this by traveling without navigational gear, just listening to the wind and the waves and my inner guides.

Traveling rogue is not easy or a guarantee of success, but it is the way I live. And so, I am done with all the online social media marketing, algorithm mining, and the never-ending line of people wanting to tell me how to sell my books, talks, and mentoring. I have once again tossed away the rule books and am writing my own.

Care to join me in living Life on the Loose? You can have me pull your chart, read my books, or just contact me and let me know if my message resonates with you. 

2 thoughts on “Join me and go Rogue

  1. October 25, 2022 — 4:38 am

    Love this, it has such a unique perspective.

  2. I’d be curious to have the experience of having my astrological chart read. However this would be seen as a broad-brushed look, as my life-learning experiences as a 1960’s art student still stick when it comes to maps, plans and directions. When I was regularly hitch-hiking around the United States I learned that the travel plans had to be very loose and adaptive, directionally moving where the rides generally would take you, the weather conditions and the area of the country I was in… all decisions were based on just remaining moving in the general direction I was seeking…adapting. This has remained a life plan for me, providing a sustained curiosity about life. I now find myself regularly viewing the stars when in remote solitude, sensing much much more is above us,
    and pondering what that means.

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