Karmic Cleansing While you Wait

The psychic storefront was located next door to a dry cleaners, which made the sign in the window offering a “Karmic Cleansing” rather intriguing. Were we meant to drop off our Karma and pick it up the next day neatly folded, ironed and draped over a hanger, protected by a paper cover? Do we have to specify the original material (ancient cotton, silk or flax) as well as starch or no starch for the best results? If we follow that visit with a run through a fast-food restaurant can we also super-size our newly cleansed karma?

Sadly, this is how so many types of spirituality in the US function, as a pay-on-demand process. Donate money, say the right prayers, hate or love the way we are told and we are washed clean and set up for our future. No need for an emotional struggle, existential crisis, or inner awakening, simply hire out all the hard work. Or head to the mall and fill up a cart at the spirituality super store.

The truth is,  deep inner searching, acknowledging our own weaknesses and wounds is simply too frightening to face, and the thought of a quick run through a “karma-wash” is preferable. Why see the truth of the obstacles we create in our lives, of the different choices we need to make, when we can send our problems out for renewal and claim our spiritual superiority?

Or maybe I am being too judgmental. Perhaps I am addicted to my own existential waves and my personal mythic journey, and wary of trusting my spiritual growth to a commercial endeavor. Truthfully, I would rather wear my old wrinkled, torn, well traveled and stained karma, than have it sanitized, starched or super-sized.

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  1. I found the part where they were next door to each other both funny and telling. In my therapy appointment today, we discussed the demand for immediate answers/responses, accolades, rewards, promotions, etc., and what the generation/s behind mine think should happen when they want movement or resolution on/to an issue. Tossed in was the lacking sense of societal awareness. All of this to say that if we choose to run our karma through the dry cleaners, it may become polluted by what is used to clean it. We’ll miss the nuances, crevices, perspectives,sweet aroma, variations of color and wisdom, and the journey. For me I choose to carry mine along with me, soak in the experiences and cleanse it with rituals and practices that I know and trust. I want to be able to tell the stories and share the spiritual experiences that brought me to this point, the laying of the foundation, the lessons I’ve learned, and the growth and belief system it’s built. To not only be able say who I am, but also share, exhibit and live out, why I am who am. The integrity of the relationships built along the way is a sweet treat.

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