Ocean Walking

“It is your time,” she said, “your time to open and shake off the layers of doubt and confusion that have clouded your thinking. Your heart has always been fearless, and your soul has always longed for something indefinable, something just beyond the horizon. All the illusions and lies have burned away, and you are ready for the journey for which you were born.”

I want to believe this, but is there yet another lesson, another painful challenge, one more trial by fire? If so, I feel too exhausted to try, to weary to climb one more peak.

“No my silly ocean child. Your life was never meant to be a journey of healing through pain, or growing through trauma. There is nothing left to burn off to expose your wondrous core. Nothing left to prove or explain to justify. Simply dance joyfully in the waves at your feet.”

Were those tears on my face or rain drops? Possibly both. I hear the voice of the ocean as clearly as I hear a prayer. This has been true since I was a child, though it has always been impossible to explain. There is no longing or pain when the waves caress my walking feet, and the rhythmic waves beat with my heart. There is no emptiness or loneliness or confusion. Life seems so clear and uncomplicated, and my soul can breathe.

I believe her. It is my time.

2 thoughts on “Ocean Walking

  1. I feel an immediate comfort and connection when reading this… must copy and place it at my bedside❤️

    1. Thank you Polly for letting me know this resonated with you!

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