Pluto, the Woman Shaman

Once again I have invited the planet Pluto into my life. You know, the planet that brings us the gift of creative destruction, the one that, untangles and unties us from patterns that no longer serve us, regardless how intensely we resist. This is the planet that many view through the eyes of fear and despair,  believing that we face a painful and frightening transition, one destined to shred our hearts and spirits.

But I have become friends with this powerful planet and see her differently. She is a beautiful Shaman, both young and ancient, beckoning me into the forest where there is no path. A night wind is moaning through the trees and streaks of light fill the night sky, and I am surrounded by the power of transformation. I have learned to sink into the cold dark waters of fear, knowing that my resistance to change will lead to chaos. However embracing the messages of Pluto will open my soul to a world I never imagined, the one I was destined to live.

When Pluto enters our life we are invited to burn away the repeating tessellations and fractals that trap us in a past our soul yearns to leave behind, so that we can find the true treasure buried within us. And in the end, this is a type of freedom that few are brave enough to embrace.

So if Pluto is dancing in your life, igniting your astrological chart, have the courage to walk into her dark night, trusting that she will hold you while you release your own brilliance. Get ready for a mythic adventure down a rabbit hole.

Let me know your thoughts!

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