Manifesting is Sensual

With all your heart, all your soul, and all your might

It took a couple miles but hardly any minutes for my mind to clear so I could listen to the voice of the sea. I had no idea that the ocean could stop time, allowing me to run off my confusion and inner obsession with past missteps. Once my mind was clear, and I slowed to a walk, the clock moved on, and I could hear the words of the ocean, and her laughter.

She was laughing at the silliness of a world full of lessons on “manifesting,” as if this is a foreign language we need to study, with steps and instructions we need to memorize. As if creating a life dream comes from mental concentration based on a set of rules.

She sang wordless lyrics into my heart, awaking knowledge I have half-forgotten. Manifesting, is simply embrace our soul’s craving with all our heart, our soul, and our senses. In fact, creating our life is, just like the ocean, a sensual experience. We might create vision boards, chant affirmations, act as if, express our gratitude, and surround ourselves with abundance, and have some success. But true manifesting does not come from our minds or our words alone, it is a full sensual, heartfelt, and soul level experience. Only when we honor the mantra, “with all our hearts, and soul, and might,” with all that we are, do we actually connect with and sink into the universal flow of energy.

The wisdom of the ocean danced around me, telling me to step into each moment, to pay attention to the way we are sensually guided toward our next steps, towards our soul’s craving. When my stomach clenches at a direction or thought, I needed to stop. When my body feels open, when my senses sing, when a road opens before me without effort, it is time to move forward. The answer is appearing before me.

In fact, it was always there. But we cannot see the way when our hearts are closed, when we are committed to a how, and not open to circuitous paths. When we are addicted to rehashing our past, when we dream of wealth or health or love, without a willingness to change, to release the attachments to our wounds, we will only recapitulate history. We cannot reveal our dreams when we are obsessively following the rules handed to us by someone who does not understand our journey. We each have a different starting line, a different set of talents and gifts, as well as hinderances and impediments. Each path is unique.

I was thigh deep in the waves, feeling the tide push, and pull, and seduce me into my own sensual experience. Closing my eyes on this empty beach, balancing against the familiar and loving tug of the tide, I felt her voice reverberate like an echo in my soul. “Your dream already exists. It is only waiting for you to embrace it.”

3 thoughts on “Manifesting is Sensual

  1. Love this, such sensual brilliance from the aquatic observer.

  2. Mike Pasquarella August 11, 2023 — 2:41 am

    Elisa, you are such a gifted writer. I miss our coffees! Best, Mike

    1. Thank you Mike! I hope you are doing well and that you are finding joy life!

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