Two Days, Three snake messages

The mountains and sky were reflected in the still water, and it felt like my kayak was flying through the heavens to the top of the mountains. And then I saw the snake. I stopped my kayak and forgot about flying, wondering why a very long Bull Snake was swimming toward the middle of the reservoir. Its head was out of the water and its sinuous body was gracefully winding along the surface of the lake. I watched it glide past me before I put my paddle back in the water to continue my own journey.

Later that day I wondered if the swimming reptile was offering me a message. Life in Colorado often includes snakes, and at one time I would even find snakes in my basement (I have fixed this problem), but I have never seen one in the water.  At bit of research revealed that all snakes can swim, even rattlesnakes. Perhaps because one of my spirit animals is a rattlesnake (yes, I know this is creepy) I see snakes as a sign of positive changes, shedding an old pattern, the same way they shed their skin. I was reflecting on this in my backyard when I looked down and saw a large snake skin laying on the grass near my porch. OK, two snake sightings.

The next morning, I was walking on the bike path near my house thinking about the snake-messages and wondered if this really was some sign. I decided to ask for one more snake to appear if these sights were meaningfully. A few steps later I saw a large bull snake crossing the bike path in front of me. I stopped and laughed as I watched its sensual serpentine movement until it disappeared into the grass.

Three snakes (OK 2 snakes and one empty skin) in two days crossing my path are clearly a message, but honestly, I would have preferred a sticky note with some cogent details. However, since I was never in danger or afraid, I have interpreted these encounters as positive messages about my spiritual journey. It is time to shed the past that I have outgrown, be aware of future opportunities, to bring my focus to my inner journey, and, like a snake, embrace my sensuality. And always express gratitude for the snakes.

1 thought on “Two Days, Three snake messages

  1. Marilyn Saltzman August 14, 2023 — 2:17 pm

    Snakes and the ocean – two powerful teachers. Thank you.

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