Wishes for a New year

The gift-giving has passed, and a sense of urgency has descended on us to pledge to be a new us in the New Year as if this pithy statement has the power to shift our behavior and choices. We commit to being a different person with the turning of a calendar page. And within a very few weeks, most of us watch those promises drift away like last autumn’s brittle leaves. We are left with a sense of failure and resignation.

Change the pattern this year. Do not make pledges and promises, do not buy gym memberships or new equipment, and for a few days do not focus on your perceived weaknesses.  Take some time and make a list of your strengths, of the battle scars you proudly wear, and of the kindness and love you have shared this year. Before you jump into the addiction of “improvement” and “enlightenment” stop and acknowledge the true gifts you have brought to others this year. Who did you love and guide, or forgive and mentor? Who did you honor and respect, or support and challenge? How have you listened to and followed the cravings of your soul?

Now take some time and listen to the urgings of that song in your soul.  Who are you meant to be in this world? Rather than making a pledge to fulfill a society driven expectation, embrace your own inner music. Perhaps you are simply meant to be kind. So be kind. Maybe you are meant to be strong and healthy. There are hundreds of ways to do this that do not require a gym membership.  And rather than making a list of resolutions that focus on things you do not really desire, and do not really want to do, pledge to be more yourself, your true self, in the world. And then shift your behaviors to match this commitment to living your gifts. This year you can be who you dream yourself to be.

Wishing you a joyful and magical 2020

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