Look ahead, not back

The first days of a new year are often indicators of the year to come. Every January 1st we are thinking about changes and challenges and opportunities, and praying for a wonderful year. This energy of hope and consternation fills the days and, much like gazing into a crystal ball, we see signs and pictures of the year to come. It is up to us to focus on and energize the experiences that we wish to manifest in 2020.

Perhaps you stumbled and fell, but a human-angel showed up and helped you. Focus on the unseen hands that are always there to support you. Perhaps you were offered a new career opportunity but realized it would challenge your personal ethics or sense of self and turned it down. Focus on the way you are manifesting new possibilities while at the same time being true to yourself.

But what if the first days of 2020 found you buried in old wounds and fears? Then face forward and away from regret. The addiction of wishing we could change the past is one of the most painful forms of self-abuse. This year walk forward, even if it is into the wind. Sailors know how to reach their destination by enjoying the adventure of tacking upwind. When regret surprises you remember that it is only a form of catnip, an illusion of comfort that will always leave you empty.

Give yourself permission to focus on your dreams, and let this focus guide your actions. You can choose to walk in your power without fear or explanation of apology. This is the year your inner truth creates the life you crave.







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